These are just a few special items available from our funeral home.


Please call us at 724-258-8190 or email to order.
We will be able to tell you the time of shipment and total cost of item when ordering.


Memorial Candle – $15.00
No cost to families who use our funeral home, but we can make them for you as a gift or if using another director. (Good snapshot or photo needed).


Memorial Ornament – $20.00
A beautiful personalized glass ornament to memorialize the loss of a loved one and remembered every holiday.



Sympathy Throws – $65.00
Call to inquire about our selection.



Flag Cases – $75.00
In Oak or Cherry Finish (personalization at an additional cost)




Memory Portrait – $95.00
with frame – $125.00
No cost to families who use our funeral home, but we can make one and send to another funeral home. (Need a clear photo to produce it)


Sheet Bronze Urn – $100.00
(Emblems available at additional cost)



DVD Tribute – $200.00
DVD tribute of up to 55 scrolling photos to be played as a remembrance during visitation. You provide the pictures, we produce the DVD. (Over 60 pictures is $1 per additional photo)




 Gift of the Spirit Crucifix – $110.00

Marble Marker – $150.00
Made of solid marble, 7lbs. – 10″w x 7″h x 1″d (Personalization at additional cost)
Can also be used as pet marker.


Marbleized Urn – $200.00
10 different colors to choose from (Personalization available at additional cost)